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Could This Be Interesting To You?

  • Uploaded by Scarlett Macleod
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Could This Be Interesting To You?
Hi there,
My name is Scarlett from mybiosource.com We've been working hard on a brand new article which we consider to be a complete guide About The Future Of Cloning which you can find here: https://www.mybiosource.com/learn/future-of-cloning/
While I was researching this piece I discovered your site, and I think you have really fantastic pieces on there. It would mean a lot to me if you could help me out with some feedback. 
When I read this page http://polomagazines.com/features/pony-breeding-stud-book-bloodlines/5173-adolfo-and-his-dolfina-clones-win-polo-world-championships I thought that by linking to my piece you could add some extra information for your readers. Would this be something you're interested in? 
Let me know your thoughts!

Scarlett Macleod

Media Executive




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