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Tour India's Polo Destinations


Do you know that in India more than twenty cities have polo clubs and associations? I am assuming a ‘No’ as the answer. Well, I don’t blame you, it’s the glitz and glamour of other sports in the country that almost make Polo lesser-popular sport in India. But do you know besides being one of the most ancient and elusive games in the world, Polo in India is an indigenous game which has been played here for centuries? Here are all those places in India, having Polo clubs registered under the Indian Polo Association (IPA), and can indeed be your next travel destinations in India, if you’re a Polo player.





The British may have introduced the sport of Polo to the world, but it is Manipur which claims to be the motherland of this effervescent game. For the fact, the city proudly holds one of the oldest polo grounds in the world – Mapal Kangjeibung, which is located in the downtown of Imphal. Every year, during the time of Sangai Festival, the state hosts the most celebrated Manipur International Polo Tournament where teams from across the globe come to participate. Interesting isn’t it? All Manipur Polo Association and Manipur Horse Riding & Polo Association are the two associations in Manipur.

However, all the associations and polo clubs in Manipur comes under All Manipur Polo Association, and hence, you can seek the permission of the association to play in any of those clubs. As a Polo player, you’ll be pleased to hear that almost every village in Manipur has a polo ground, some having been constructed under the royal patronage.

Well, in Manipur, polo is not just the only thing that can fascinate you on your perfect polo trip to India, there are places and attractions that surely can blow your mind away with just a glance. Imphal, Ukhrul, Churachandpur, Senapati, Chandel, Loktak Lake, and Keibul Lamjao National Park are just a few names in the list of places to visit in Manipur.